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October 18, 2013

In an instant, you can be involved in a car accident. Even people who are not distracted by any surroundings or passengers in the car can still find themselves in a collision. Accidents are unavoidable, so why do people continue to put themselves at increased risk by using their cell phones? According to the National Safety Council, it is a national epidemic that causes about 1.6 million crashes a year. Drivers who are distracted using their cell phones or texting resemble those who are driving under the influence. Violators speed up, swerve, slow down and take their hands off the wheel. These actions are certainly unsafe while operating a vehicle at any time.

Eating, drinking, listening to the radio, talking to passengers or searching for something in the car are all distracting behaviors that can cause accidents. Talking or texting on a cell phone while driving takes a great amount of focus away from the road and increases the chances of an accident with another driver, pedestrians or road obstructions.

Under any circumstance drivers in California are not allowed to take their hands off the wheel to answer calls or text messages. In 2008, California motorists 18 and over were prohibited from using handheld devices and instead were only allowed to use “hands-free” devices, a law under California Vehicle Code. However, violators are still making their presence known. In 2011, California Highway Patrol officers issued more than 168,000 citations to motorists ignoring the hands-free law and using their cell phones. Those that are involved in an accident from a distracted driver can count on the experience of a personal injury attorney to make a claim for personal injuries as soon as possible.

A Personal injury lawyer helps those who were involved in a car accident from another driver’s negligence or wrongdoing. When another driver is responsible for a victim’s damages and injuries, the victim is entitled to recover financial compensation. Consult with an experienced car accident attorney at the Kaye Law Offices and claim the compensation that is deserved.

Cell Phone Use and Driving

California Vehicle Code states that no one should be using a wireless phone, unless the device allows the user to listen and talk hands-free while driving. Motorists under the age of 18 are not allowed to use their hands-free devices while driving. Despite the laws, if a driver is using a cell phone while driving and causes an accident the driver may be held liable. Careless driving caused by cell phone use includes the following:

  • Driving with only one hand on the steering wheel
  • Eyes off the road to reach for a cell phone or dial a number
  • Failing to pay attention to surrounding dangers because of distractions caused by the cell phone (this includes being distracted by a passenger’s cell phone use)
  • Distracted by a conversation on a cell phone

Alternatives to Texting and Driving

Driving and texting has proven to reduce a driver’s ability to react to other drivers, dangers and maintain control of their vehicle. California’s Wireless Communications Device Law was effective as of 2009 and has banned writing, sending or reading text messages on cell phones while driving. Despite the ban drivers continue to get cited and cause accidents. Solutions to texting and driving while only using hands-free devices include:

  • Use of Bluetooth Headset
  • Bluetooth in car
  • Voice to text apps
  • Pull over and text in extreme importance
  • Turn off the phone or silence it

Consult with an Attorney for Compensation

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident which leads you to believe that the driver was distracted by using their cell phone while driving then do not hesitate to call the Kaye Law Offices in Los Angeles. Experienced personal injury attorneys are available to consult with you and protect your legal rights. Have them help you file your claim and recover the compensation you are entitled to. Call a Los Angeles car accident attorney for a free consultation.

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