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How to Treat a Dog Bite

The Huffington Post (and countless other news groups) has been featuring an incredible story of Jeremy, a four year old boy living in Bakersfield, CA, who was bitten by a dog, saved by his cat, rescued by his mother—and the whole thing was caught on home surveillance cameras. While not everyone has a super-cat and is as lucky as Jeremy, who was fine after being taken to the ER, it’s important to know the proper steps to take if you or a loved one has suffered a dog bite.

Preventing Dog Attacks

Unfortunately, the facts surrounding dog attacks are unfavorable. In most recorded dog attacks, the animal is actually connected in some way to the family. Even worse, most attacks happen to young children under the age of ten. This means that there is only so much you can do to prevent an attack. The fact is sometimes animals just snap, even well-trained, super-loved pets. However, making sure your dog is healthy, exercised, disciplined, and properly contained greatly minimizes the threat they pose to your family.

Treating a Dog Bite

WebMD suggests treating any bite at home ASAP. This means applying basic care to your injury with clean, soapy water, disinfectant, etc. Keep bleeding wounds elevated and see a doctor immediately. Of course, if the bite is really bad, you’ll need to go to the ER immediately.

What to do after a Dog Attacks

Call a lawyer and go to the doctor. You’ll want to make sure you’re legally protected (especially if you live in/near L.A.) in addition to being medically treated. At the doctor’s office they will want to know as much information about the dog as possible, such as the breed, approximate age, any physical descriptors, and of course, if you can get it, the health history of the animal, such as whether or not it has had rabies, vaccinations, etc. A good lawyer will also be able to guide you through this process.

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Beverly Hills Dog Bite Attorney

Every dog has the potential to bite but most dogs do not just bite out of the blue. They have reasons why they might bite a person.

Dogs may bite to protect their owner’s property or their own possession such as food and water, or their puppies. Dogs bite when provoked or frightened, or when sick or injured.

Dog bites can cause more than just scratches or teeth marks on your skin. Dog are known to carry rabies which can be fatal if contracted by humans.

When attacked by a dog, you have every right to consult with a dog bite attorney. Even if the injury is minor, it might keep you from work and that means loss of income. Get in touch with the Beverly Hills dog bite attorneys at Kaye Law Offices. Their dog bite attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.

When you consult a dog bite attorney, you have to give them all the information needed to assess your case. Information such as the dog being on a leash or just roaming freely is important to your lawyers. You have to tell them if you have done anything to provoke the dog or you have noticed or heard the owner give a command, or encourage the dog to attack.

Even if it has been established that the dog owner has not been negligent, dog bite attorneys can still help you with your personal injury claim against the dog’s owner.

Filing your claim may unearth another issue, that of the dog owner’s neglect of the animal. The dog may be a victim of animal cruelty. Dogs that are starved, or beaten can become violent.

Dealing with the pet owners yourself may put you in a difficult situation because there are pet owners who are protective of their dogs and may refuse to believe that their beloved dog has attacked you. More difficult if they are abusive pet owners, so why not let the professional handle your case. The Beverly Hills dog bite attorneys at Kaye Law Offices are able to offer you assistance in taking legal action to pursue your dog bite injury claims.

A dog bite is a personal injury for which you should be compensated. Dog owners should be held responsible for their dog’s behavior. You should not suffer because of their negligence. Whether it is you or someone you care about who has been attacked by a dog and harmed seriously, you have to take action.

A legal action can be a lot easier and faster if you get a good dog bite attorney to get you through all the obstacles that may come your way. The dog bite attorneys at Kaye Law Offices are in the business for so long and are experienced in the legal proceedings concerning dog bite injuries. Contact them for consultation when you or your loved ones are seriously harmed by a dog attack in the Beverly Hills or surrounding areas.