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Multiple Trauma from
disputed motor vehicle accident, $1,437,500.00

Fully recovered client's share of house and business in difficult and disputed quiet title action, $550,000.00

Wrongful death where decedent ran a red light at nighttime, $300,000.00

Wrongful death medical malpractice, $300,000.00

Fully recovered pedestrian in disputed liability vs. MTA, $275,000.00

Incident with dog with minimal injuries and alleged aggravation of MS, $275,000.00

Policy limits settlement by
jay walker at nighttime, $200,000.00

Policy limits settlement of motor vehicle accident, $200,000.00

Disputed premises liability case with fully recovered minor child, $155,000.00

Disputed premises liability case with client alleged to have fallen and broken her
leg due to her own dizziness and instability, $125,000.00

Disputed liability auto
accident with pre-existing neck and back injuries, $100,000.00

Auto accident with knee injuries and full recovery, $100,000.00

Vigorously disputed premises liability accident with spinal and nasal fractures where witnesses observed client cause his own accident, $75,000.00

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Case Results

Read about our recent cases and verdicts below:

Multiple Trauma from disputed motor vehicle accident: $1,437,500.00

The driver of the offending vehicle adamantly claimed he had a green light, and that it was the plaintiff who ran a red light. There were no known witnesses and people did not want to get involved. With a prompt and thorough investigation of the accident, and through the use of top notch experts, we were able to identify and depose key witnesses to dispute the defendant's version, and turn the case completely around.

Disputed Liability Motor Vehicle Versus Pedestrian Accident: $700,000.00

The plaintiffs were a young mother and her son who she was pushing in a stroller across the street. The accident occurred in the twilight hours before sunrise and it was very difficult to see. The motorist struck them at a slow speed after they had almost made it fully across. The child was strapped in the stroller, and not injured. The mother lost a few teeth, had some bruising and remained in the hospital overnight. Within a few months, she had fully recovered with no residual problems. Though we claimed she had suffered a traumatic brain injury, her testing and evaluations, even by our own experts, showed absolutely no deficits. By retaining top notch experts in all fields, seriously impeaching the defendants through numerous depositions, and exposing them to a potential excess policy limits judgment, we were able to convince the insurance company to pay a significant sum for this deserving young lady.

Fully recovered client's share of house and business in difficult and disputed quiet title action: $550,000.00

My client deeded to his mother his half of the house he owned with her. The business they owned together was also in her name. The mother got angry at her son, locked him out of the business, and tried to deny the son's interest in the house and the business. We took key depositions, and obtained convincing documents to successfully demonstrate that they were in fact co-owners of both, and that the mother simply wanted the property in her name to protect it from the son's wife who the mother did not like.

Successful defense of breach of signed promissory note with over $500,000.00 sought:

Plaintiff sued to recover under a promissory note allegedly signed by my client. The signature looked exactly like my client's. My client also allegedly took out a policy of life insurance as security for the note. The life insurance broker testified to those facts and my client's signature and personal details appeared throughout the application. Through intensive investigation and cross-examination of key witnesses, I was able to convince the trier of fact that this was nothing more than a fraudulent conspiracy to recover money stolen from plaintiff by my client's son-in-law, and that my client was nothing more than a scapegoat in an effort to recover those funds.

Plaintiff Allegedly Slipped On Water Leaking From The Ceiling In Her Apartment Lobby: $450,000.00

Plaintiff claims that she slipped and fell in the lobby of her apartment building on puddled water that was leaking from the ceiling. There were absolutely no maintenance or repair records documenting any such problems. There was an on site property manager and maintenance man that vehemently denied any knowledge of water leaks. Through early investigation, and aggressive case handling, plaintiff was able to obtain key witness statements and depositions, including telling admissions from defense witnesses. With the proper guidance of plaintiff’s medical care, she received top notch medical treatment, got the left hip surgery she needed and the case was ultimately settled for a very respectable sum.

Heavily Disputed Liability at Intersection: $400,000.00

Defendants claimed they had a green arrow and rightfully made their turn within the intersection. Both plaintiffs had minimal injuries, underwent no surgeries and had significant pre-accident medical histories detailing the same physical complaints and problems we claimed in this accident. Through key depositions, aggressive handling and well qualified and litigation savvy experts, we were able to turn the case completely around and secure a significant recovery.

Plaintiff Tripped Over A Red Painted Curb At A Los Angeles Hotel Main Entrance After Having Stayed At The Hotel And Having Been There Many Times Before: $300,000.00

Plaintiff and her husband were exiting the main entrance of their hotel. The area was well lighted and had a curb from which the patrons needed to step down. The curb was painted bright red. Plaintiff arrived at the hotel days earlier, and had been to the hotel many times before. She was wearing wedge type shoes, and had shared a bottle of champagne with her husband not too long before the incident occurred. Through aggressive depositions, and the securing of key construction, management and safety documents, we were able to demonstrate that the area was in fact a dangerous condition that should have been fixed, but wasn’t. Thereafter, the case settled for a very reasonable sum after a mediation.

Wrongful death medical malpractice: $300,000.00

We promptly secured all medical records, and obtained a medical review from an eminently qualified expert. We were able to convince the hospital that they and their doctors were negligent in allowing their patient to be discharged with a condition that they should have properly diagnosed and treated on the spot. Had they done so, the patient would have been cured, and would not have had to suffer a lingering death after ultimately collapsing in his wife's arms.

Wrongful death where decedent ran a red light at nighttime: $300,000.00

Three Hispanic, undocumented teenagers were driving their black passenger vehicle in a conservative farm area at nighttime. They were speeding, inattentive and ultimately ran a stop sign at a poorly lighted intersection that was lined with trees. A truck driver entering the intersection from an adjacent street broadsided the vehicle, killing all occupants. We promptly secured all accident information from the trucker and investigating authorities, secured top notch accident reconstruction and other experts, and were able to convince the trucker's insurance carrier to pay a significant settlement in a vehemently disputed liability case.

Fully recovered pedestrian in disputed liability vs. MTA: $275,000.00

The former attorney did little or no investigation. A bus passenger claimed that as he was crossing the street to a bus stop, the coming bus hit him. No one came forward to support his version and the police report indicated that the bus stopped, and did not hit the passenger. We were able to uncover a key witness, and line up critical evidence, to show that there was an impact (albeit slight), and that the victim who appeared uninjured, was arguably suffering from cognitive deficits as a result. We turned a $50,000.00 pre-trial take it or leave it offer, into a $275,000.00 settlement after we stepped in to try the case.

Incident with dog with minimal injuries and alleged aggravation of MS: $275,000.00

A woman walking her dog in a residential area was confronted with a loose mid-sized dog that was running in her direction. The dog was not aggressive or vicious. It simply jumped on her in excitement and she was knocked down, suffering minimal scrapes and bruises. The woman claimed her pre-existing multiple sclerosis was aggravated by the incident (for which there is absolutely no medical authority) and that she needed further medical care as a result. We secured all animal control and medical records, and were able to demonstrate the dog owner's lies and callous indifference, as well as the noticeable change in her medical condition from MRI studies both before and after the incident. Through doctor meetings, renowned experts and aggressive representation we were able to resolve the matter for a significant sum on behalf of our client.

Policy limits settlement by jay walker at nighttime: $200,000.00

Witnesses said she was naked, on a cell phone and was jay walking across a poorly lighted street at nighttime. The police report was little or no help, and placed the blame for the accident on my client. We promptly investigated the accident, and secured key witness information the police failed to uncover. We were able to show that a reasonable and responsible driver should have been able to observe the pedestrian, and should have taken necessary steps to avoid hitting her. We convinced two separate insurance carriers to offer their full policy limits as a result.

Policy limits settlement of motor vehicle accident: $200,000.00

The client was injured when a vehicle abruptly turned left in front of her. The other side claimed that my client had run a red light. My client suffered a fractured leg and bruising, but had fully recovered. We demonstrated through a prompt and thorough accident investigation, that we entered the intersection on a yellow, and ultimately that the injuries were more significant than the defense tried to suggest.

95 Year Old Man Fractured Left Hip With Full Recovery: $193,750.00

Plaintiff (using a walker) and his daughter were walking to their parked car in a church parking lot. His daughter had left him alone, and walked ahead to where their car was parked. As plaintiff was walking past the rear of another parked car, the car began to back out of its space striking the walker and knocking plaintiff to the ground. Through prompt investigation, key witness statements and depositions, we were able to demonstrate that all claimed defenses were baseless. The case settled for a very reasonable sum despite plaintiff having fully recovered in a matter of months.

Disputed premises liability case with fully recovered minor child: $155,000.00

A minor child (two years old at the time) fell on carpeting in his apartment that was lifted up slightly from the tacking strip. He developed an infection, and was briefly hospitalized, but fully recovered. The bills were minimal, and paid in full by Medi-Cal. The client came to me eight years later, after going through two different attorneys who said they couldn't help him. We left no stone unturned. Through a comprehensive investigation, we located key witnesses and the former apartment manager to show the owner's knowledge and callous indifference to this dangerous condition. We went back to court three times to get the judge to permit a punitive damages claim against the owner, that ultimately brought about a significant settlement for this child who played on his soccer team with no residual complaints or problems.

Minimal Foot Fracture From Traffic Accident That Fully Healed: $140,000.00

Plaintiff sustained a minimal foot fracture from a traffic collision. No surgery was needed and, after a few months of physical therapy, he was discharged without any recommended future care. He was able to return to work, and had resumed all activities of daily living without any restrictions. We obtained a substantial recovery for this plaintiff by handling the matter in a way that made the insurance company think twice about a potentially more adverse outcome in front of a jury.

Disputed premises liability case with client alleged to have fallen and broken her leg due to her own dizziness and instability: $125,000.00

My client was an older, overweight Hispanic woman who claimed that she fell on the exterior stairwell of her apartment building. The stairs looked perfect, and appeared clean. We got an expert in place early who established that there were building code violations (albeit slight) in the rise and run configurations of the stairs. Through a comprehensive investigation, we also uncovered four other incidents on the stairs. While the medical records suggested the client may have fallen due to her own dizziness and instability, we were ultimately able to convince the carrier to pay a fair settlement in an extremely challenging case.

Disputed premises liability case with no logical explanation as to why the stairs were slippery: $105,000.00

My client fell on allegedly slippery stairs at his condominium complex. Though the painter had painted the stairs the day before, several people had walked on them afterward (including my client and his family) without incident. There was simply no logical explanation linking the paint job to the slippery stairs. Through key investigation and depositions, we established that the painter woefully failed to comply with manufacturer's recommendation for surface preparation and application, which caused a slippery surface. At the depositions of the on-site manager and HOA president, we established that the stairs were in fact slippery, and the HOA was more concerned about saving money than doing the job right. Though the client fully recovered from his injuries, we were able to get the carrier to pay a fair settlement.

Loose Dogs Attack Plaintiff’s Dog: $102,495.00

Plaintiff was walking her dog when two loose neighborhood dogs attacked her dog. She was not bitten in the incident, but did twist her wrist. Almost three years passed from her initial treatment for a wrist sprain, without her seeking any additional treatment. During such time, she participated in school sports that included pole vaulting. Through aggressive case handling, doctor meetings and key depositions, we were able to show that a real injury did in fact occur during this incident, that she had never gotten better and that there remained a real probability she would require further medical treatment, including surgery.

95 Year Old Man Knocked Over In a Parking Lot: $100,000.00

The plaintiff was walking in a parking lot with his walker. A car slowly exiting a parking space tapped the walker and the client fell over. There were no fractures, no emergency treatment and no surgery was performed. We immediately secured favorable statements, and had the client seen by top notch orthopedic experts. We aggressively handled the claim in a way that made the insurance company fearful of an adverse jury verdict with this sympathetic plaintiff, and secured a full policy limits recovery.

Disputed accident at brick yard where client is alleged to have caused his own accident: $75,000.00

The plaintiff went to a brick yard to pick up some bricks for his employer. Rather than have the forklift operator load the bricks, plaintiff decided to assist. He used his entire weight (over 200 lbs.) to lift himself up onto an already raised forklift pallet, unweighting the load, and causing it to tip over on top of him. There were several witnesses to these facts. Through careful examination of key witnesses, I was able to establish that the only person who allegedly saw the plaintiff pull himself up was someone with company and family ties to the business, who had a lengthy history of drug use. I got management to admit that plaintiff should not have been allowed in the area or to assist in loading for safety reasons, that they violated their own safety policies by doing so and had violated such policies many times before. That ultimately persuaded the carrier to offer up a reasonable settlement figure.

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